Practice Makes Progress

One on One Coaching:
Design your Practice for…

…higher impact, focused results, easeful expression, and increased opportunities to drop in “the zone” with constantly improving efficacy.


Refine & Be Witnessed…

…through accountability and support structures reimagining practice solution cultivating passionate living, alignment with values, by integrating your ever expanding growth mindset as a way of being both in and beyond your practices.

Get Energized with Team Building

Forget Mom’s admonishment, “Don’t play with fire!” Instead, Go from Zero to Fire in a few hours in this shared adventure as your team explores the fun and unusual form of poi meditation that brings equal parts humility, growth mindset, expression and courage as adrenaline flows when you wield fire.

Grace is what happens when we flow through the unexpected

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Team Building Creates Synergy

Aaron Hinde

Isa is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Poi was mentally and physically challenging, yet her methodical and interactive teaching style really helped my team come together in a fun and synergistic way. I highly recommend this class for individuals or corporations looking for team building exercises that challenges both body and mind while producing exciting, supportive and tangible results.
Thanks Isa!”
Aaron Hinde
President, LifeAID Beverage Company, Inc..