Grow with the Flow

Flow is a naturally occurring state humans access as their unconscious competence — knowing what they know so well they no longer have to think about it — melds with the moment. While the specifics feel different from person to person, flow state is often described as a space where time moves slower and actions are more easeful as the “self” gets out of the way, regardless of context. This is to say that flow state can be achieved while doing nearly any task. This peak state experience where people are operating effortlessly at their best is most readily accessed while riding the line between anxiety and boredom on one’s growth edge — the space where there is enough challenge to not be bored with the same skills coupled with enough skill to not be anxious about the challenge.




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One on One

Through ongoing practice, clients become more capable of accessing flow state more readily and sustaining it for increased durations. Whether you’re starting a new practice, revamping an old one, integrating multiple practices, or experimenting with what a practice could mean for you, we’ll cultivate distinctions to assist you in accessing flow (much like Neo utilizing “bullet time” here as he dodges bullets or the first time) as we work together to identify areas of focus, define and develop practice goals to support your objectives, track progress, refine attention, and help you achieve greater access to peak performance states.

Zero to Fire

This half to full day playshop is a great way to celebrate that special person or moment. Participants share a thrilling experience as they challenge themselves, celebrate each other, and learn to tame the wild element of fire. Everyone learns fire tricks & safety in a course designed to have the inexperienced do both the unexpected by wielding fire and the practical by extinguishing fire with their hands.

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Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs

Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs is the founder of the world’s first brick and mortar poi fire dancing school, Temple of Poi, established in 2002 in San Francisco, CA. She founded the school and community in a dedicated effort to empower artists to gain greater facility to access flow through increased body awareness and developing increased unconscious competence in their practice.

In support of the art of fire dancing, she established an ongoing relationship with the fire department and through her efforts, bolstered the largest, unofficially sanctioned fire renegade practice hosted over the decades in various locations in the city, meeting about once every 6 weeks for the better part of 10 years until the covid-19 closures. These Fire, Fotos, Footage & Fun jams primarily gathered regional artists from Fresno to Ukiah and everywhere in between with Bay Area photographers to create astounding fire photography and performance awesomeness to the delight of participants and onlookers alike.

In a deeper effort to educate the public and legitimize an art form often seen as a side show act or fringe art, GlitterGirl envisioned and produced 15 shows in the heart of San Francisco, including the Temple of Poi sponsored annual Fire Dancing Exposition in Union Square. This event was selected as a cornerstone event by Bay Area National Dance Week for 2007-2010 as well as working with Jewels In the Square from 2010-2014, boasting a blockbuster lineup of artists from around the US and world and entertaining ~3,500 audience members.

In addition to the nearly 8,000 person global client base, private coaching and over 40 different poi classes, Temple of Poi emerged as a popular dance studio early on in San Francisco. In 2006 and 2007 Temple of Poi won Best of the Bay awards for “Best Dance Studio” following their 2005 win for “Best Place to Learn How to Fire Dance Before Burning Man.”

When she isn’t teaching poi, she can be found engaging in one of her favorite pastimes as an edutainer, entrepreneur, writer, fire dancer, artist, performer, flowosopher, makeup artist, choreographer, producer, costume designer & empowerment agent!