Lasting Memories Doing the Unexpected

Challenge Yourself

  • learn basic moves and a ton
  • and a mini performance routine
  • celebrate and cheer on teammates
  • as you witness spin fire too
  • give you an adrenaline rush
  • be a whole lot of fun!

You and your team are invited to co-create a life altering experience empowering you through fun, utilitarian skills you may never have considered possible before while you get to play with fire. This 3 hour to day long experience richly rewards attendees who:

  • quickly experience fire through a single day session
  • understand how to work with fire safely through education and hands on fire exercises
  • empower individuals to both extinguish and wield fire

4 Part Playshop

Part I: Poi Class:

this part is movement based and focuses on learning poi technique. This will be a 75-90 minute session, depending on attendance, during which time we’ll cover some basic poi moves and give you an easy routine to try later during the wielding fire session.


Part II: Fire Safety

this consists of a discussion about the key elements of fire safety as it relates to spinning fire. This includes information about fabrics, fuels, testing fabric and understanding how to create a safe environment in which to spin fire. This session lasts between 55-75 minutes, depending on context and attendance.


More Faith, Less Fear!

Zero to Fire
Part III, Fire Handling:

during this section, students will adorn themselves in fire safe clothing and work through a series of exercises where they will handle the fire. During this time, every student will extinguish the fire at least once so they will have the confidence of knowing they can and have smothered a fire. Students are encouraged to read our fire safety manual prior to class so they can be fully informed and get any questions that arise answered in the class. Time varies to complete this section based on number of attendees and their general comfort with fire, ranging from 45 – 100 minutes. It is important that everyone walks out of this section of the workshop feeling comfortable enough with fire to be willing to light up their tools.


Part IV, Wielding Fire:

during this section, students will spin fire at least once each. Students will spin 30 seconds up to 3 minutes each, a rather lengthy time for someone who is new to poi spinning. Students will also learn how to prep and fuel their props prior to spinning and will practice fire safety protocols with each other, including extinguishing fire as needed. This section takes 40-90 minutes depending on attendance and comfort with the prop and fire

Hosting Requirements

“Great class. I was really impressed with how quickly she got us having fun and feeling successful. It was quite a treat to be introduced to something new in such a relaxed but action-packed way.”


-Andrew Watterson, class gradaute


  • willing participants
  • indoor space large enough to accommodate students, up to 25 per session, in a minimum 6 foot square space per person (larger for that individual if they’re taller than 5:’10”)
  • an outdoor space where we can spin fire free of debris, overhead obstacles with level ground and even terrain
  • an uninterrupted schedule for participants to get the most out of it

More Faith, Less Fear

Dancing with the Flame

Attendees will need:
  • Clothes:
    • long pants
    • long sleeve
      shirt or hoodie
    • hair cover
  • close toed shoes or sneakers
  • a sense of adventure
  • a willingness to laugh at yourself


  • Natural Fiber:
    • denim
    • cotton
    • suede
    • leather
    • hemp
    • linen
    • bamboo

Note: Tuition includes the fuel as well as use of practice poi and fire poi props